Dr Chrispy Bio

Dr Chrispy

Dr Chrispy (AKA Dr. Chris Boshuizen) is an award-winning aeronautical engineer, music producer, and songwriter, and was Australia’s third astronaut.

Chris has always split his time between two loves: Music and Space Exploration. He worked at NASA for almost five years, inventing new kinds of spacecraft, then co-founded Planet Labs, a company operating the largest fleet of Earth-observing satellites, that work together to create a daily map of our global environment. In 2021 he flew to space alongside William Shatner on Blue Origin’s NS-18 mission!

During all this, Chris spent nearly every spare moment writing music on the one instrument he always had with him: his laptop. Much of his music was written at airports or on planes, amassing hundreds of unreleased tracks. Some of these he released in 2018 on his debut album, VHS, under the nickname “Chrispy” given to him by his NASA co-workers. The VHS album is a collection of instrumental tracks Chris wrote in the period 2003-2015 while finishing his studies and entering the workforce as a young professional. Each track was written in a different location, titled with the name of a city, airport code, or local attraction, and captures the vibe of each place and moment in time, and the hopes of Chris as a young student. VHS is an auditory travel diary, inviting you along to hear and experience the evolution from Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Space Scientist, to Dr Chrispy the Artist.

Chris’s current day job is as the founder and managing partner of Interplanetary Capital, an angel fund focusing on new space and high-tech start-up companies.  He also runs a small, but well-equiped home studio in San Francisco where he continues to write new Dr Chrispy Music.