Remix Stems

Hi there! I’m Dr Chrispy!

I am happy to provide these original studio stems for you to use in your own audio remix projects. My only requests are:

1. Please co-credit my artist name, Dr Chrispy, in any resulting track when it is released, eg:
– Feat. Dr Chrispy
– vs Dr. Chrispy
– x Dr Chrispy
– & Dr Chrispy

2. I retain all my rights to from my music, including any rights I would normally have as a contributor to your work.

3. For any remix, I am happy to do a 50/50 split for any royalties. Please talk to me if you start making serious $$$ from something containing my work.

Some other legal stuff: use of these stems does not entitle you to use any of the master recordings. Also, any use of these stems or the master recordings in film, TV, or other mixed media, must be licensed separately. You cannot sell these stems, or samples derived from them. You may sell your own musical tracks that incorporate these stems, as long as you meet the above conditions.

If you create something cool, please share it with me!

Ad Astra!

Chris AKA Dr Chrispy


Transitory Morning (Emotional Dynamics) 117557 MBDownload
Transitory Afternoon (Pioneer Material)121437 MBDownload
Transitory Evening (Afrotravel) ft. Haji Mike 121529 MBDownload


Voyager at the Heliopause 105.4 346 MBDownload
Drive 128 992 MBDownload


Be There Soon92259 MBDownload
Gotta Getta Gatta114224 MBDownload
Sleeping in Tokyo115548 MBDownload
Blue Sky Line83363 MBDownload
Vanmover105385 MBDownload
Goodbye Shanghai118287 MBDownload
60 Miles Up137430 MBDownload
Muromigawa137161 MBDownload
Vancouver85464 MBDownload
Torotoroid105183 MBDownload
Dreaming of Home106.1351 MBDownload
I’m Going Down (Under)128588 MBDownload
Sea82402 MBDownload
Maui91611 MBDownload
Follow the Wild Geese67428 MBDownload
README3 KBDownload

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