Zero Gravity

Shortly after my Blue Origin spaceflight in 2021, I attended a songwriting retreat that I had been planning to attend. I’d been in this science land with engineering and technical conversations, and then suddenly arrived at a songwriting retreat to join a circle of people sitting on the grass holding hands. It was a major shift in energy, and quite jarring, but really brought me back down to Earth. I made some new friends and co-wrote a few songs, and it was a lot of fun. 

Fast forward a few months, and two of the retreat attendees, Adrian and Lucia, reached out saying they had been inspired to write a song after hearing about my flight. They presented a rough draft for “Zero Gravity” on a zoom call and it blew my mind. It was like they had gotten inside my mind and understood not only my experience, but had also channeled the bigger picture. They were able to articulate what my loved ones must have felt watching me fly up to space while they could only stay behind. Over the next few months we wrote the rest of the song together, refined the lyrics, and I set about recording my version of it. 

So, I am proud to announce “Zero Gravity,” my 2nd single of my upcoming EP!  🚀 To go along with it, I also have a new music video, picking up from where I was left hanging in space in the first video, “The Great Unknown.”

The Great Unknown

Two years ago I flew to space with William Shatner, Audrey Powers and Glen de Vries, and it still seems like yesterday! Being an astronaut was a dream of mine my entire life, and realizing that dream with this crew of extraordinary human beings was an unforgettable experience. 

I have been working hard to capture the magic of that trip in song form, and now have an EP that is ready to release in early 2024. Today, I am proud to share the first song and music video with you! It’s called “The Great Unknown” and it chronicles the journey of many explorers, from being a kid with a dream, to being a “big kid” living it.

This happy, joyful song needed the perfect video, and I found an awesome video production company to help bring one to life. Starring the talented young Aksel as a mini me, we went out on a day of rocketeering and visited a science museum, which we filmed on real 16mm film! 🚀🎥🎞️ To complete the music video, we blended this “retro footage” with exclusive video from my ride to space atop Blue Origin’s New Shepard launch vehicle. 

Watch the video on Youtube now, listen on your favourite streaming service, and read more here!.

Make sure to check out Color Theory’s Remix and Droid Bishop’s Remix too!

Tangerine Sky

Check out my new song with The Stunt Man, Tangerine Sky – a fitting tribute to TSM’s favourite planet-oid, Titan!

UPDATE: And now with amazing remixes by Rogue VHS, Color Theory, long time collaborator Psybolord, and Astral Base and Digital Mess.

Dr Chrispy Shop now Open

The new Dr Chrispy Shop is now online! We stock a wide range of official merch, including official CD releases and stickers!


The winner of my Zero-G Flight Giveaway has now experienced weightlessness!

I hosted a Zero-G flight giveaway in 2022 as an anniversary celebration of my Blue Origin NS-18 spaceflight. Before my spaceflight, I was advised to train on Zero-G to practice experiencing weightlessness, so I wanted to offer that experience to someone else.

I’m delighted to share that the winner, Matt Abrams, has now experienced weightlessness on Earth’s skies!

My remix of Isla Noir’s Moonlight

Musician and Astronaut Dr Chrispy carries over 400 songs to space

Musician and real-life astronaut Dr Chrispy carried over 400 songs from musicians all around the world into space on this Star Trek insignia shaped USB thumb drive
The Starfleet insignia USB drive I carried to space, with over 400 original songs from around the world.

As part of my flight on NS-18, I carried with me a USB drive packed with over 400 original songs from around the world. The USB drive and Certificate of Flight was auctioned to support in their mission of placing instruments in the hands of children all around the world.

Read more….

Dr Chrispy Goes to Space

Watch the recap of my journey to space on Oct 13 with Audrey Powers, Glen de Vries and William Shatner.

Musician and real-life astronaut, Dr Chris Boshuizen (right) flew to space with Glen de Vries, Audrey Powers and William Shatner


Album cover for One by One feat Stephen Fry - Dr Chrispy's EP about the value and beauty of human spaceflight

I’m excited to announce two new songs featuring Stephen Fry!  It’s been an honour to work with Stephen, an international treasure, to produce something very unique and honest. A fitting tribute to human space flight, exploration and imagination.

Listen here:

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Transitory EP

Dr Chrispy’s new TRANSITORY EP has arrived! Buy the EP on Bandcamp or listen on your favourite streaming service. Also check out all the fantastic artists that contributed to the EP!

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Voyager at the Heliopause [Album Cover] The perfect blending of space and music, this tribute to the Voyager spacecraft will move you places you have never been before.

Ambient space music, set to a stunning animated recreation of Voyager 2’s scientific discoveries of the solar system.

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