Dr Chrispy Goes to Space – Live Stream!

Follow my journey to space on Oct 13, 9:00am CDT, with Audrey Powers, Glen de Vries and William Shatner.


I’m excited to announce two new songs featuring Stephen Fry!  It’s been an honour to work with Stephen, an international treasure, to produce something very unique and honest. A fitting tribute to human space flight, exploration and imagination.

Listen here: https://drchrispy.com/onebyone


Transitory Evening Music Video out now!

Dr Chrispy and Haji Mike are proud to unveil their new music video for Transitory Evening (Afro Travel). This ambitious music video was filmed in two countries and features detailed animation of deep space where some very strange events occur. Definitely a “journey of the mind,” Dr Chrispy and Haji Mike travel from the Earth and out to the edges of the galaxy and back.

Check it out on Youtube and Vimeo and don’t forget to read more about the music video on our blog.

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Unsafe – Dr Chrispy Remix


Frequent Dr Chrispy collaborator The Stunt Man has released a brand new album called “Dark Nebula Themes“. For this release Dr Chrispy provided a remix of “Unsafe”. Check it out here!

Dark Nebula Themes by The Stunt Man

INFINITY RISING – celebrating space!

Infinity Rising Album Cover

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ROCKET LAB will launch a CAPELLA satellite into orbit this August. To celebrate this synergy between two of the space industry’s most cutting-edge companies, DR CHRISPY has written and produced the commemorative instrumental track “INFINITY RISING.”

This anthemic and uplifting single celebrates the dedication and hard work of both of these teams, who despite hardships and setbacks have brought their dreams into reality. Appropriately, “INFINITY RISING” perfectly captures the euphoric feeling of a dream realized through hard work and perseverance.

Infinity Rising by Dr Chrispy

more music

Transitory EP

Dr Chrispy’s new TRANSITORY EP has arrived! Buy the EP on Bandcamp or listen on your favourite streaming service. Also check out all the fantastic artists that contributed to the EP!

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Featuring an all-star cast of remixers, VHS Remixed presents Dr Chrispy’s debut album VHS in a new way.

Meet the Artists



Ambient space music, set to a stunning animated recreation of Voyager 2’s scientific discoveries of the solar system.

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