CubeSat Developers Workshop 2022 project assignment 27 Apr 2022

Remember a time when you had that CubeSat deadline or seemingly impossible challenge that you overcame after persistence and out of this world neuron interactions. We should all reflect on those moments to recall just what enabled your breakthrough success of that particular task or project milestone.

Mass, gravity and resulting effects of high speed fluid dynamics are some of those physical boundaries that can hold us back or accelerate us forward in challenging ways, yet they seem to synchronize perfectly in a timeless moment with just the right sound or music.

A passionate group of space music advocates would like you to share what your favorite tune or melody was when you were hard at work determining what the next step was in your CDR action items, troubleshooting,  acceptance test analysis of the results that required focus and concise mental acuity to reach your goal and objective for that CubeSat project for Space.

Objective here is for you to simply share your playlist with other Space enthusiasts at We will share our playlists and analyze for any acoustical identifiers that might assist others as they look for the sounds that move or create high neuron data exchange within the boundaries of your mind and body.

A couple quick favorite sounds and sights in this decade to checkout that might be playing on big screen as we present this CubeSat 2022 Space Music Challenge. Please check them out:

“Up Close and Personal – Delta IV Heavy Launch 2021 “

60 Miles Up ft. Stephen Fry by DR CHRISPY

Elise Trouw – How to Get What You Want (Dr Chrispy Remix)

“Alan Parsons – Making of “One Note Symphony” (From The New Album, “The Secret”)”

Alan Parsons NASA Tribute “One Note Symphony” with the Israeli Philharmonic

“The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project “Sirius” – “Eye In The Sky” (Live in Colombia)”

These passionate Space Music geeks include:

Dr. Chrispy (aka Dr. Chris Boshuizen)

Jason Achilles                                    

David Mcintire                                  

Justin Foley                                                  Cal Poly Alumnus

Stan Roberts                                                Cal Poly Alumnus

We will assess the inputs from all of your postings of playlists and provide a perspective on for your use and continuing endeavours.