Tangerine Sky (Astral Base & Digital Mess Remix)

I released a new remix created by 2 artists, Tangerine Sky (Astral Base & Digital Mess Remix)! This remix dives into the EDM realm and contains both a Radio and Extended cut – keeping true to their DJ roots. I’m delighted to shine a spotlight on the dynamic duo behind this remix! 

About Astral Base

I’m a DJ, radio host, musician, and promoter, resident of the cult label DAR, Beatfreak, and ICONYC. I participated in the historical event ILLUZI. As a resident of Proton Radio station, my show KA LAB regularly finds itself in the top 10 issues of the month.

I started my musical journey in 2015. Under my own name, Artem Kalalb, I’ve released dozens of successful intercontinental releases. In 2022, my track opened the official compilation of the BEON1X festival taking place in Cyprus.

Why did you remix this track? 

I have always been impressed and attracted by dramatic motifs. When I heard this track with Digital Mess, we immediately saw its future concept and decided to work together to deepen it. 

About Digital Mess

I’ve been making music for 26 years, 7 of which I had the prospect of becoming a famous academic musician in the genre of jazz and classical music, and toured as a young pianist to philharmonic societies in my country. Finding my calling elsewhere, I pivoted into writing electronic music for the other 19 years. 

It is difficult to single out individual moments in all of this; I can only say that music is part of my personality. I’m a DJ and release my music on some great labels. Nowadays, I enjoy being a producer of house and techno music and carving out my niche in the scene. 

What inspired you?

Astral Base and I went into a dance music direction with our DJ backgrounds, and wanted to add something different. So we made a remix in the break/breakbeat genre with the introduction of sounds from Garage music, which is sometimes called “prog-step” in our country. 

The lyrics “It could be mine” repeat in the original track, and I thought it would be nice to play with this phrase from a dramatic point of view. What if our character cannot get the coveted “Tangerine Sky” but continues to dream about it? This is a sad story, and the metaphysical basis of our remix.

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