Transitory Echoes

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Following the recent release of his exciting new Transitory EP, which included collaborations with a diverse group of special guests and innovative producers from around the world, DR CHRISPY is now proud to announce TRANSITORY ECHOES, featuring all new remixes of the Transitory EP tracks from Robert Peckyno, Kevin Ochoa, Contre-Attaque, T-ROM, On Being Human, and D-Noise. TRANSITORY ECHOES will release online everywhere music is streamed and sold on September 18, 2020.

Two singles from TRANSITORY ECHOES were released in the lead up to the album, including a House remix from T-ROM dropping on the US Labor Day holiday weekend (the perfect party track for a late summer playlist), and a creative and innovative dance track from Kevin Ochoa the following week.

The three different tracks on the Transitory EP, each with distinct themes, cycle from morning, to afternoon, to evening, mirroring our own self-reflections as we move through our day. This creative effort has been a huge success and immediately caught the attention of several other notable producers in DR CHRISPY’s orbit, which led to the creation of this new TRANSITORY ECHOES remix project.

Transitory Echoes by Dr Chrispy

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Meet the artists

Robert Peckyno

Robert Peckyno (aka @streamingkeys) is an award-winning pianist and composer who writes progressive electronic rock, future ambient soundscape, and sunset lounge music. He began playing piano for 46 years and has released 11 albums and 2 EPs.

Peckyno also leads a double life in the space sector having worked extensively with the NASA Space Grants and serving as scientific support for the Cassini mission. He currently teaches classes on the history (and women’s history) of outer space for Oregon State University.

Peckyno’s 11th studio album Astounding Stories, Vol.1 will be released on November 1st and is based on stories from the 1930s magazine of the same name.

Kevin Ochoa

I love dance music and pushing the boundaries of sound. I like the subtly is detail aggressive and chill electronic dance music can both have.


Based in Manchester, UK, Contre-Attaque creates music using his blend of brooding darksynth, 80’s heavy metal and 16-bit video game soundtracks. Thunderous drums, thrashing guitars and soaring synths dominate his sound. So strap yourselves in, this is not for the faint of heart.


Tyler Romanishin aka T-ROM was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to California after spending five years in the Marine Corps. From playing guitar in various bands growing up, music has always been his life long passion. After moving to the bay area for work in 2017, Tyler attended the music production school Pyramind in San Francisco where he later graduated from. After a few independent releases, he landed his first indy label release this year with “BTB” on LA’s Nite Records. Tyler also recently completed his music production education at Icon Collective in Burbank. T-ROM aims to push the boundaries of House and electronic music while still keeping it catchy and danceable.

On Being Human

On Being Human is made up of Travis Baker, Beau Trembly, Greg Lesondak, Gustin Flaig, and Greg Johnson. “On Being Human” also double as composers and have their music and orchestral compositions featured in films (The Package Vol. 1, Lockdown: Red Moon Escape), and video games (Rocket Racing League, Strike Tactics, Galactic Bowling, and Top Hand Rodeo Tour), as well as several other international documentaries and commercials. In Late 2012 the band was invited out to Doha, Qatar where they had their music featured in four films produced by Innovation Films. All premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival where Innovation Films is based. In 2014 the band was honored with both Musicians Friend and Infectious Magazine’s Band of the Month.


Based out of Russia, D-Noise is leading the new Retrowave revolution in music through a stunning fusion of highly vibrant, wildly imaginative, and massively catchy Electro sounds all stylistically designed to entice the ears. The brainchild of DJ/Producer/Sound Engineer Nikolay Denisov, he’s made it his mission to create pure sonic entertainment that has intense Electro rhythms & grooves strong enough to make a memorable impact. With his identifiable & signature style that incorporates a pulsing & electric blend of 80’s, Electronica, and otherworldly atmospheres into Darkwave grooves and bright Synth-Pop: D-Noise creates an insatiable retro-vibe designed perfectly for the here & now.

TRANSITORY ECHOES cover art by Drew Mcgaraghan with meddling by Dr Chrispy.