VHS Remix EP – Call for Remixes

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I released VHS. Time flies while you’re having an 80s party!

To celebrate this milestone I am releasing a 6-12 track remix EP of VHS songs in different styles. To be part of this creative exploration, make your own remix and send it in for consideration!

The EP is intended to be mostly dance-able electronic music, but I will accept any style. I love surprises! Acoustic-sounding and ambient remixes might be released as bonus tracks if the EP is full. Tracks that aren’t recognizable as VHS songs (only using a single sample, etc) but are still cool can be released as a single or bonus track. To get started, download the remix stems.

what I will provide:

– Mastering of each track on the EP
– Graphic design and branding
– Limited manufacturing run of 100 CDs . I will send you one, and can make more if you want a stack of them at cost.
– Uploading to all major streaming services
– Targeting promotion campaign from Independent Distribution Collective (IDC) including International Marketing, Press Releases, Music blog and press reviews
– Social media marketing with IDC and That’s What She Said Consulting (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
– 50/50 publishing split (streaming revenue, etc)

track submission due date:

15 September 2019

submission file format:

Good sounding, pre-master 16-bit 44.1khz WAV file. I will be paying for mastering of the final project so all the tracks sound consistent when played as an EP.

remix stems

Download indivudual remix stems: download link


Hit me up below with info about your release and a link to the wav file. I’ll be back in touch for more info prior to the EP compilation. And, Thank you!!!

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