VHS Remixed

Meet the Artists and producers

DR CHRISPY’s first full-length album VHS was ranked Number 8 on the Synthwave Radio Best Albums of 2018 list, and was widely praised with Exclusive Magazine calling the album “a wonderfully ambient, bouncy, fun, even thoughtful at times collection of instrumental tracks.” A collection of mostly instrumental tracks, Dr Chrispy began writing the original VHS album in 2003 while traveling as an aerospace engineer, capturing the vibe of each place and moment in time he visited. 

For the new VHS REMIXED project, the tracks of VHS have been reimagined by producers from all over the world. The resulting collaborations have created an album that elevates the original VHS to brand new heights that even Dr Chrispy never imagined. VHS REMIXED will release online November 22, 2019 everywhere music is streamed and sold.

The Stunt Man

The Stunt Man, also known as Greg Mindorff, is a music producer, DJ, space enthusiast and Grammy nominated Mastering Engineer from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Check out his weekly FM radio show and podcast at MixCloud; weekly DJ residencies LIVE in Vancouver; his mastering studio, Suite Sound Labs, where he work on all kinds of music every day; his label, Sunset on Titan, where he releases music – “when I have time,” says Greg, “PEACE!”

Remix: Be There Soon
I mastered the VHS Album for my good friend Dr Chrispy and know all the songs very well. I loved the groove on Be There Soon and wanted to stretch it out and hear some of my favorite parts again, and again, and again, and again! My favorite way to do this is dusting off my collection of 80s samplers and I chose the original 13 bit Ensoniq EPS (4x memory expansion) for this song. All the samples I used to form the remix now occupy 3 floppy discs.


Psybolord is a Moscow-based producer who has gone from deathcore to electronic music. In his tracks, techno merges with Russian folk motifs, classical music Organically gets along with synthwave and French electro. A graduate of the Maskeliade School He performed on the same stage with Perturbator, Com Truise, Waveshaper, Sung, Robert Parker, Daniel Deluxe. In his live shows, Psybolord improvises on synthesizers, and each performance is not like the previous one.

Remix: Gotta Getta Gatta
I was inspired by the trumpet in the Gotta Getta Gatta track. I thought I could do something interesting with this.


Tyler Romanishin aka T-ROM was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to California after spending five years in the Marine Corps. From playing guitar in various bands growing up, music has always been his life long passion. After moving to the bay area for work in 2017, Tyler found and attended the music production school Pyramind in San Francisco where he later graduated from. After a few independent releases, he landed his first indy label release this year with “BTB” on LA’s Nite Records. Tyler is currently continuing his music production education at Icon Collective in Burbank. T-ROM aims to push the boundaries of House and electronic music while still keeping it catchy and danceable.

Remixes: Follow the Wild Geese and Be There Soon
I thought the vocals on Be There Soon were really laid back and I immediately imagined them over a longer vibey tech house track ala Dirtybird or Sola Records.

Kevin Ochoa

I love dance music and pushing the boundaries of sound.I like the subtly is detail aggressive and chill electronic dance music can both have.

Remixes: Sleeping in Tokyo and 60 Miles Up
I remixed Sleeping in Tokyo and 60 Miles Up two pretty different songs. I wanted to give Sleeping in Tokyo a more rock/80’s feel so I added guitars and “acoustic” drum samples. I also wanted to create this dark undertone to the melancholic melody, so I made this really thick heavy bass. The 60 Miles Up remix is something completely different to Sleeping in Tokyo. This was a bit of a heavier track, so I took one chunk out of the song and reworked it into a Hardstyle song. I wanted to keep the trancy and progressive feel of the original. In my version I made every drop comes with a new theme and color until you reach the Qlimax. (We replace the c with a q, its a Hardstyle thing. xD ) The vocal, provided by Dr Chrispy himself, is distorted via convolution to emulate an old NASA microphone.

Manor Sound

Michael Reyna (Manor Sound) is a San Francisco-based alt pop and future bass producer. He utilizes the contrast of ambient textures and hard-hitting trap drums to create sonic environments that are both soothing and exciting. Following a string of remix releases in the fall of 2019, Manor Sound is anticipating the release of an alt pop collaboration with up and coming artist Dorotea, due out early 2020.

Remixes: Be There Soon and Vancouver
Be There Soon – The vocals! Laid back, slightly unstructured – I was sold on the track right when I heard them.
Vancouver – The bass and drums that start off the track really drew me in. Since the bass has so much movement and texture, it made it an easy starting point for the remix.

Always Romantic

Always Romantic, from Sevastapol in the Russian Federation, released his eponymous debut synthwave album earlier this year. In his own words, “Always Romantic is Eternal. I am the Master of Feelings”

Cover version: 60 Miles Up
Bringing something new to the mix, Always Romantic did a full remake of 60 Miles Up in completely different electronic style, bringing out new elements that Dr Chrispy didn’t even realize were in the original track. All in all, it was done in 3 days and entirely by ear!


Hadfes Oblivion is the man behind Synthapex, Descenery and The World Within bands. With a background in metal, Hadfes Oblivion has played in bands signed to labels such as Century Media Records, Inside Out Music, and Kolony Records. Synthapex recently released their breathtakingly cinematic music video “Gone This Night”, featuring a short cameo appearance by Dr Chrispy!

Remix: Muromigawa
Dr Chrispy’s “VHS” is one of my favourite electronic albums of 2018. Dr Chrispy is a talanted guy who’s not afraid of carrying his music through years to make a final result sound the way he wants.

B Wiley

B Wiley is a producer, musician and DJ whose mission is to bridge the gaps between the soulful and darker sounds of electronic, hip hop, funk and psychedelic. He pulls influences from all directions to create his ever-changing sound that is somewhere between the dark and the light, the electronic and organic.

Remix: Be There Soon
Be There Soon. The vocal called to me. I loved the analog sounding synths. The overall vibe of the track begged to be expanded upon.

Dr Chrispy

Dr Chrispy wrote and recorded the original VHS album. Working with all the remix artists from around the world has been a dream come true for this traveling musician.

Instrumental: Follow the Wild Geese
I’ve always loved the soundscape of this song, and the trepidatious motion of the melody. I thought it would be fun to release the instrumental track, which I recorded many years before the lyrics for the song arrived.