Zero-G Flight Giveaway Winner!

I hosted a Zero-G flight giveaway in 2022 as an anniversary celebration of my Blue Origin NS-18 spaceflight. Before my spaceflight, I was advised to train on Zero-G to practice experiencing weightlessness, so I wanted to offer that experience to someone else.

I’m delighted to share that the winner, Matt Abrams, has now experienced weightlessness on Earth’s skies!

And he’s also a pilot and aircraft photographer – the serendipity! Check out his work here 🛩️

Thanks again to every single one of you who participated in this giveaway (we received over 60k entries!). I greatly appreciated the overwhelmingly positive response and energy!

Original footage from Zero-G
Song: The Great Unknown (Droid Bishop Remix) – Dr Chrispy, Droid Bishop

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