Tangerine Sky – Dr Chrispy and The Stunt Man

My latest song, “Tangerine Sky,” with Grammy-nominated artist The Stunt Man, is out now and available on all major streaming services. 🎧 Listen to “Tangerine Sky” on SpotifyApple Music, Amazon Music, and more! 🎧

Imagine living on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, with flowing, rocky surfaces under a hazy tangerine sky. This whimsical song describes yearning to live in another world through harmonious vocals, staggering synth-backed beats, and robotic otherworldly sounds. I had the pleasure of collaborating with my longtime friend, the multi-talented wearer of many hats, The Stunt Man! And the amazing Barry Blankenship helped bring this song to life visually with the stunning cover art!

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