Tangerine Sky (Color Theory Remix)

Just 2 weeks after releasing Tangerine Sky, we’re back with a remix! 

Experience the allure of living on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons with Earth-like surfaces under a hazy Tangerine Sky. Color Theory brings his distinctive brand of melancholy synthpop to create a melodic fusion of electronic beats and nostalgic synth tones.

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Collaboration has the power to weave diverse threads of talent into a harmonious masterpiece, and that is what happened when Color Theory  transformed The Stunt Man‘s and my recent track “Tangerine Sky” into an entirely new melancholy synthwave experience with  “Tangerine Sky – Color Theory Remix.” I  had the pleasure of getting to know more about him through this collaboration, and I’d like to shine a spotlight on his creative brilliance and share a glimpse of his world with you.

About Color Theory

Los Angeles recording artist Brian Hazard, better known as Color Theory, grew up listening to “depressing” music: The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Smiths. Finding the undercurrent of heartbreak and alienation oddly comforting, he went on to craft his own distinctive brand of melancholy synthwave. His songs explore the pleasure in sadness. Why does bittersweet taste better than just plain sweet?

In the age of Napster, Hazard found success after his track “Ponytail Girl” was widely shared and mistaken for a lost Depeche Mode B-side.

Since then, his work has received more than 15 million plays across streaming platforms. Winning the grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, having three songs featured in the Just Dance video game series and two in the Rock Band video game series, plus several song placements on MTV’s The Real World, are just some of Hazard’s notable achievements.

“Swooping synths and nostalgic keys make for a bittersweet mood, while Hazard’s soaring, yearning vocals are touching and emotive.” (CLASH MAGAZINE)

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