Tangerine Sky (Psybolord Remix)

Picture this: You’re floating in the stratosphere, gliding through the vibrant hues of Titan’s Tangerine Sky 🌌🌅🪐

Grammy-nominated artist, The Stunt Man, and I teamed up with Psybolord to craft a track that defies gravity and genres; blending Psybolord’s Russian folklore vibes with interstellar electronics. Renowned space poster designer Barry Blankenship captures the essence of Titan’s beauty on this customized cover art with contrasting tangerine and blue hues.

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Meet Psybolord

Psybolord is a Moscow-based folk rave punk band. Their music balances the intersection of Russian folklore, synth electronics and rock’n’roll drive. In their live performances, Psybolord immerses you in a unique atmosphere, as if you were at a rave during a fairy tsar feast.

Connect with Psybolord here:

Psybolord’s Creative Process

I asked one of Psybolord’s members, Anton Kartenov, what inspired him to remix this track, and he shared a great piece of advice! Here’s what he had to say:

“I was so excited to work with source tracks. I developed my own strategy of making remixes – never listen to the source track till I finish my own version. Sounds strange but it really helps me dive deeper into the process of creation!” – Anton Kartenov

This is my 3rd collaboration with Psybolord, and each time it’s been a blast working with them! People really get into Gotta Getta Gatta – Psybolord Remix when I’ve played it in my live sets. Someone always asks me about it after I play it. Every time!

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